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AIIR's team of researchers, data scientists, and technologists is dedicated to advancing applied leadership development through science and data. Deploying advanced quantitative and qualitative research methods, we continuously analyze both individual, aggregate, and Big Coaching Data® in order to arrive at cutting edge insights that benefit our customers and industry at large. We partner with the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative and The Coaching Center of Excellence at Columbia University to test new ideas and hypotheses in order to advance AIIR Consulting's mission of developing great leaders around the world.

How Do Organizations Use Coaching Zone?

For 1:1 Coaching Engagements

Coaching Zone creates a safe, secure space for coaches and coachees to discuss professional development. Coaching Zone maximizes the effectiveness of a coaching engagement and increases collaboration in between sessions.

For Team Coaching Engagements

Teams and leadership development cohorts use Coaching Zone to maximize collaboration, share best practices, and keep all relevant talent program information in one place.​

For Enterprise-Level Analytics

The HR Dashboard helps talent leaders see, track, measure, and share the success of their enterprise coaching programs. With real-time updates and automated reports, you no longer need to wonder what's happening and what's working.

Why Coaching Zone?


Coaching Zone allows talent management leaders to see, track, measure, and share the success of their coaching programs. All data stored within the platform is 100% confidential and adheres to the strictest privacy guidelines.


The Coaching Zone HR Dashboard is designed to give you a clear picture of all of your engagements so that you can spend less time tracking and more time connecting.


Can't tell which coaching engagements are working and which aren't? Your reports are no longer restricted to just basic satisfaction and ROI data. Our team helps you see the true impact of coaching across your organization.

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